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Rosemary D. Oglesby-Henry

the rose who blossomed
the concrete

Ms. Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a native Cincinnatian. Rosemary started her adult life as a teen parent but used her struggle, strong faith in God, social support, and self-motivation to heal and help others to do the same. Oglesby-Henry is a bridge-builder, nationally known leadership educator, author, philanthropist, and award-winning founder/ CEO of an impact organization (501c3) committed to helping teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy.​

Ms. Oglesby-Henry's work has been published in three magazines including Forbes and four novels. She is featured in the 2022 Documentary Short, Worth One's Salt by Producer Dr. Dretona Maddox, a social impact film that focuses on barriers to health equity in maternal health for black pregnant teens.

She has received more than (40) forty honors and recognitions for her leadership and philanthropy throughout her career. She has shared her story and her organization's mission as a speaker and panelist at conferences, events, and across international and local media outlets to millions. She has been quoted in numerous magazines and on platforms for her advocacy positions related to education, Youth Pregnancy &Parenthood Awareness, and maternal health. Ms. Rosemary has been a member of more than 10 boards local and state. 

Over two decades Rosemary, an entrepreneur. has used her business acumen to mentor and consult with more than 50 small businesses and non-profits to start, expand programs, and increase revenue by more than 50% estimated cumulative at $400,000.

The Fundamentals of Building a Nonprofit - Rosemary Babies Co
The Connections Hub Podcast

The Fundamentals of Building a Nonprofit - Rosemary Babies Co

Rosemary is the Founder of Rosemary’s Babies Co, a non-profit organization that supports pregnant teens and teen parents. The non-profit has thrived ever since rosemary’s initial $25,000 investment into the marketing efforts, lawyer protection and launch event. In this episode, Rosemary shares the difference between non and for-profits, advice for anyone looking to build a non-profit and how the ownership status of non-profits work. Rosemary’s Babies Co is on a mission to change lives and generations to come. As a once-teen mother herself, Rosemary understands the struggle and decided to support other young girls and parents throughout the joys and difficulties. Rosemary encourages you to support your local non-profits to help make an impact in your community. 00:45 - Please introduce yourself 1:50 - How did you get started in your industry? 5:16 - Can you talk more about the marketing within your non-profit and the relation to your non-profit’s success? 7:10 - How did you rally up your community to support what you’re doing? 10:17 - What’s the difference between non-profit and for-profit? 12:30 - What did you spend your first $25,000 on to build your non-profit? 14:30 - Do you feel starting off your business the way that you resulted in immediate success? 17:34 - Can you explain the ownership process of non-profits? 19:40 - What advice would you give to someone trying to build a non-profit? 23:25 - How were you able to discover the benefits of building a non-profit? 27:55 - Have you seen any benefits of being a non-profit over being in a for-profit business? Follow Rosemary Babies Co: Rosemary Babies Co Website: Follow Jha Allen on Instagram: Learn more about Jha Allen: Follow The Connections Hub Podcast on Instagram:
International Women's Day 2021 Rosemary Oglesby-Henry
Thrive Empowerment Center

International Women's Day 2021 Rosemary Oglesby-Henry

We are so excited to welcome Rosemary Oglesby- Henry to the IWD stage! Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a bridge-builder, nationally-known Leadership Educator, and the founder and CEO of Rosemary's Babies Company, an impact organization (501c3) committed to helping teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy. The goal of the Cincinnati-based organization, which serves 200 families per year, is to eradicate generational pregnancy and poverty by supporting families, educating communities and advocating for policy/law changes that are biased and render teen parent families helpless. Rosemary's plight to change the outlook on youth pregnancy and parenthood has led her to share her mission on local as well as national platforms. Her media presence includes Fortune, Money, Movers and Makers, and as a contributing writer for the US Ambassadors for Girls & Women in Forbes Magazine. Rosemary's Babies is recognized as a best in class resource for teen parents and families. Prior to launching Rosemary's Babies Co., in 2016, Rosemary, while managing, training and helping to develop new leaders and businesses, overcame obstacles and barriers herself, as she was a teen mother at 16. Despite the obstacle, she successfully managed a home, raised two children with her husband and long-time sweetheart of 23 years and maintained a 17-year career with the United States Postal Service—all while earning her many degrees and building what is now her legacy, the Rosemary's Babies Company. At present, Rosemary is a member of the Cradle Cincinnati Policy Committee. Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a well-respected city leader and influencer. Her honors include receiving an Education Partner Award from Northern Kentucky NAACP, Cincinnati Business Courier 40under40, 2020 Pillar Award for Non-profit Executive Director of Year from Smart Business Magazine, Forbes Leading Women in Business, and a 2018 Ohio Senate Award. Her goal is to inspire every teen parent by leading by example: “Never allow your barriers to break you, use them for your breakthrough.” Check out for more details!

Ashton W, OH

 "Rosemary has always been supportive and passionate about her work."

Dr. Maddox, CA

"Rosemary is a powerhouse in Ohio. Rosemary is bold about her support in supporting teen parents and families."

Elaine B, OH

"There are many good leaders, and some great leaders, and then there are leaders who not only know how to run a "well-oiled machine"  but also have vision. This is Rosemary."
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