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Khrys Styles is an award winning stage, film & commercial actress; a radio/television personality & talk show host. She has done voiceover narration for television, books, and movies for ten years. 

For booking, contact Khrys

Audio Clips
The Rose Who Blossomed Through the Concrete Consequence vs Choice

Introduction | 

Introduction Rose_2022_09_19_03_43_31_339

Prologue |

Prologue Rose_2022_09_19_03_47_51_212

Chapter 7 |
Gardener Woes

Chapter 7 Gardner Woes_2022_09_19_03_25_23_785

Chapter 8 |
Pitfalls In My Perfect Garden

Chapter 8 Pitfalls in my Perfect Garden_2022_09_19_03_30_55_434
Chapter 9 The Clouds Darkened_2022_09_19_03_37_57_039

Chapter 9 |
The Clouds Darkened

TBN | Trinity Broadcasting Network

TBN | Trinity Broadcasting Network

The world’s largest religious network and—according to Nielsen Ratings—“America’s most-watched faith channel,” TBN offers inspirational programming 24/7. Its waves cover the globe via 78 satellites, allowing TBN to reach more than 100 million households in the US alone.



Trilogy Christian Publishing was born from a desire on the part of the leadership of the Trinity Broadcasting Network to help Christian authors achieve the effective release and promotion of their message in written form.

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